1/ Honey Tree 
You need to be waiting about 6 hours after you used Honey on the tree.

2/ Shoal Cave
Shoal Cave has several levels of terrain, only reachable during certain times of the day, due to tides.
Low tide: 3am => 8am and 3pm => 8:59pm
High tide: 8:01am => 2:59pm and 9pm => 2:59am

3/ Mirage Island
Mirage island will appear when sunrise and sunset.

4/ Hotasita Restaurant
There are 4 tag battles there. It’s randomly and you only battle with them once per day.

5/ Combee Catching Contest
After you healed the Miltank for the Honey Farm family, you can play Combee contest once per day.

6/ Items Daily Event
Pulhia City (Berry), Route J (Berry), Honey Farm (Moomoo Milk), Berry Master’s House Route B (Berry), Qua Town (Berry), Pretty Petal Flower Shop (Berry).

7/ Lottery
You can get a lottery number once per day from the PC Services.

8/ Frontier Betting Man
After receiving at least 3 silver Symbols, you can bet with the man in the house south of the Battle Pyramid. This is a daily event.

9/ Frontier Brain Battle (only C Dex Version)
You can battlw with 1 or 2 Frontier Brain in the Ranking Hall once per day, except Elesa and Nobori. If you win, you will receive 10BP.